Dr. Budd loves animals and truly believes that they can help us open our hearts and mend our minds. In this way (and many other ways) animals can offer great benefit to us in deep healing work. She believes this to be especially true of dolphins. Dr. Budd has had some of the most beautiful, JOYFUL, invigorating, and healing days of her own life swimming with wild dolphins off the Kona coast. She has recently spent seven months in South Kona in order to spend more time with the wild dolphins herself and bring some of her patients and clients in contact with the dolphins in a connective, healing capacity. She plans to intermittently offer guided wild dolphin swims coupled with therapeutic art and dance expression, body/energy work, and depth psychotherapy. This experience will be available as a private or semi-private day-long retreat or as a several day group retreat. 

Please stay tuned for more information about the organized group retreats or contact Dr. Budd directly to schedule a private dolphin-therapy healing retreat. (Photos above are Dr. Budd after a dolphin swim, dolphins during a swim, Dr. Budd with a dolphin, and a seed bead art panel Dr. Budd created to celebrate her experiences with dolphins. The beautiful, short video below was taken on a recent swim. Dr. Budd makes a brief appearance at the end of the clip.

Kayse Cole Budd, MD
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