Mana Medicine has started a line of flower essences called "Mana Medicine Essences" to be used for emotional and energetic healing.  Flower essences are subtle remedies, similar to homeopathic medicines, that are taken internally to create gentle but potent changes in energy, emotions, and mood.  Dr. Budd loves flowers and has been making flower essences for the past eight years--five years in Tucson (where she used them with great success in her previous practice) and three years in Hawaii.  She is thrilled to live in a lush paradise where flowers are readily available and easily integrated into her work.  Please visit the sister website for more information about Dr. Budd's essences themselves.  Ordering is direct through Dr. Budd or via Paypal for now, but an online storefront may be coming soon.  

Kayse Budd, MD
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