Session Fees:

Individual Sessions (online only): 

Comprehensive 90 min mind-body-spirit health evaluation:  $350

45 minute psychotherapy or mixed-modality sessions:  $185

60 minute psychotherapy or mixed-modality sessions:  $225

Intensive Sessions and Retreats:

1/2 day (3 hours of transformational healing, herbal/diet consultation, and therapy):  $555

Full day (6 hours):  $1000

Multi-day (3-5 days):  custom priced (average $3000-5000)

Dolphin swimming + therapy full day (6 hours): custom priced (average $1200)

Additional Services:

​Holistic Health Coaching:  Initial visit $250 for 90 min.  Follow-ups $125-150 for 45-60 min. 

Integrative Astrology Reading (if not part of a mixed-modality session): $225/90 min (includes a printable copy of the chart and a digital recording of the session)

*For more information about Dr. Budd's astrology work, please visit her dedicated astrology and coaching website:  

Professional Mentoring (for therapists or grad students):  Initial session: $225/60 min.  Subsequent sessions:  $105/45min or $125/60min.

PrePay Telemedicine (Phone/Online Session) Specials: 

-Ongoing patient 5 consecutive 45-min  sessions = $625 ($250 savings) 
-New patient 90 min eval + 3 consecutive 45-min sessions = $695 ($210 savings)
-New patient 90 min eval + 1 45-min follow up = $455 ($180 savings)

Kayse Budd, MD
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Please email us with any questions

Dr. Budd accepts cash, check, bank transfer, and credit cards/Paypal (with 3% processing fee).  

Dr. Budd does NOT presently accept insurance/Medicare/Medicaid.  Some patients with "out of network" therapy benefits may be able to receive a partial reimbursement (for standard 45-60 min. psychiatry sessions). ​  You will need to call your insurance company and ask if they cover telemedicine sessions, however, as many of Dr. Budd's sessions happen virtually (online/phone).  

As this is a "concierge-style" practice focusing on multi-hour, intensive sessions, many patients working with Dr. Budd pay via a "retainer"-- a fund of around $1500-$3000 from which their session fees are deducted.​

                                                             As a licensed medical doctor Dr. Budd's services are tax-deductible.