My experience in working with Kayse was revolutionary.  I have never met someone so compassionate and so eager to share her compassion with others.  Unlike other doctors I have worked with in the past, Kayse's idea of recovery was not about upping numbers on the scale.  Kayse suggested the key to my recovery was in my mind and heart.  If I was going to recover, I had to be willing to open my mind and heart to the idea of it...Kayse she taught me that it was in my power to heal and she committed herself to helping me understand and pursue this power.  Kayse psychologically and spiritually inspired me to want to physically get better.  I owe my desire to make a decision--to decide to heal--to Kayse Budd.
- (patient comments after a week-long personal retreat addressing an eating disorder)

Dr. Budd is not like other therapists I've seen.  She combines an MD, 
spirituality, talk therapy, and mysticism for truly holistic healing.  I saw 
her intensively for 16 visits over just a few months in Arizona.  Our work on compassion, surrendering, and loving has had a huge impact on the direction of my life.  I continue to use the lessons and wisdom I learned as I look for happiness in my life.  I feel blessed to have connected with her.  I'm sure her healing work will continue to have a significant impact for people in Hawaii.  ​-Katie (recent patient from Dr. Budd's previous Tucson practice Mystic Mandala Medicine)

Working with Dr. Kayse Budd has been truly a life-changing, transformational experience for me.  Dr. Budd helped me turn my life in wonderful directions that I couldn't have imagined for myself before working with her.  Before my work with her, I had lived life in a fearful, depressed, anxious state and had seen many (very many!) other psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, etc. trying to get better.  Many of them were about the quick, temporary fix, or about endless sessions that got me nowhere.  Dr. Budd, however, had quick, amazing insight into the true root of my unhappiness and helped me see the path to re-open myself to feeling better.  The tools and tips she gave me to help me feel better are ones I still use every day because they are about life and well-being and wholeness, and because they work.  With her true compassion, love, insight, warmth and patience, she helped me become whole again and allow myself to be the joyful, loving person I really am at heart.  I feel truly fortunate to work with such a talented healer as Dr. Budd, and I know that she will help many others restore peace and health to their lives. 
- (recent patient from Dr. Budd's Tucson practice Mystic Mandala Medicine)

Because Dr. Budd is willing to embrace not just the American school of western medical thought, but alternative perspectives as well, she was able to provide my daughter with concrete steps she could take to lessen the mental shock and possibly stave off attacks of her illness.  Dr. Budd came into the room and meditated with (the patient) before her procedures and visibly helped her calm down.  After speaking with Kayse for just a few minutes, (the patient) was in an entirely different frame of mind.  She seemed calm and hopeful about exploring ways and means to cope with her illness. Dr. Budd was able to do what no other doctor could do for her.  She has been an anchor for us, and I know she will provide unparalleled care for others in the field of medicine. 
- (letter from the mother of an adolescent patient Dr. Budd treated in residency)

Kayse has a warm, wonderfully engaging, upbeat personality!  She combines an excellent intellect with a strong desire to help others.  She continues to pursue a healthy innate curiosity toward therapeutic options that extend from more traditional Western Medicine to the potential benefits of Complimentary and Alternative Therapies.  Kayse has all the academic tools needed for success including professionalism, scholarship, initiative, writing skills and creativity.  Kayse has the motivation and the superb computer skills needed to remain a lifetime adult learner.  In my 17 years of clinical teaching experience, Kayse is undoubtedly one of the most talented students with whom I have had the opportunity to work. 
- (from a medical school professor/mentor, 2002)

I felt that Kayse always put patient care first. I was impressed with her attentiveness and bedside manner.  I appreciated her holistic approach and her incredible dedication to her patients.  She was fun to work with and patient with me while teaching.  I think she will be an incredible physician. 
- Anna (a medical student who worked with Dr. Budd during her residency training)

Kayse Budd, MD
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