Mana is a Polynesian word for "spirit".  Specifically, it is the unseen force that underlies all creation.  Mana also may be translated as spiritual power or potency.  In this way, a person or land may have particularly strong "mana".  Mana Medicine, LLC has taken this name because Dr. Budd's intention is to humbly act in union with the sacred mana energy of the Hawaiian lands.  This union with hopefully strengthen her own personal mana and that of her patients and thus improve her ability to support healing and transformation.  

Dr. Budd is a psychotherapist, healer, and teacher.  Stability is required for this type of work.  Dr. Budd does not specialize in acute or severe mental illness.  Her focus is spiritual psychotherapy, integrative medicine, and body-mind healing.  She is adept at helping people find their path (the purpose of this life), awaken to their highest truth, and heal on all levels.  Her work centers around spiritual development, emotional clearing, energetic healing, and cultivation of compassion, balance, peace, and joy.  She addresses mild depression, anxiety, grief, stress, life transitions (recent death, birth, medical illness, infertility, child birth, etc.), and general disempowerment.  

Dr. Budd is especially gifted with issues of self-esteem, body image, and eating.  She loves helping young women recover from (mild-moderate) eating disorders and has had some great successes, especially with intensive retreats, in this population.  Dr. Budd is a trained psychiatrist, but she only occasionally prescribes medications.  She may offer to use some western pharmaceuticals short-term when medically indicated and desired by the patient.  If appropriate, however, she will always offer to try herbal medications and dietary changes first.  *Virtual (online/phone) sessions are psychotherapy and holistic wellness consultation only (no medications).   Patients requiring more extensive pharmacologic treatment (medications) will usually be referred to a colleague who focuses on that work.  Whole-person integrative health, which includes nutrition, exercise, relaxation, creative self-expression, and spirituality (among other things), is the foundation of Dr. Budd's practice.   

Mana Medicine, LLC is truly a speciality or "boutique" medical practice for those who want a personalized, art-of-healing experience.  

Kayse Budd, MD
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