Comprehensive Holistic Wellness Evaluations are Dr. Budd's unique initial evaluations. They involve an inquiry into a client's spiritual, emotional, and physical symptoms of imbalance (or dis-ease) and also a look at the individual's positive indicators of health, wellness, and joy. Dr. Budd does address some general medical conditions holistically, but as a consultant only. (Seeing Dr. Budd is NOT a replacement for medical care with a primary care physician.) Mind and body are connected, and Dr. Budd really does enjoy trying to help people achieve health on ALL levels. During and after each evaluation Dr. Budd spends a considerable amount of time weaving together the information she's gathered, coming up with a working theory for what may be going on psychologically, spiritually, and physically in each client's life. This theory then becomes the foundation for the ongoing health coaching and/or therapy work she offers during her sessions. Each holistic initial evaluation will include a typed list of recommendations (emailed within a week of the session), including diet, herbal, and behavioral modifications Dr. Budd suggests as a treatment plan based on her assessment of each client and their situation. She will also make a referral to a holistically-minded PCP for optimal coordination of care if significant medical issues are present. 

Depth Psychotherapy and Mixed-Modality Sessions are the standard ongoing follow-up sessions with Dr. Budd.  Herbal remedies, dietary changes, movement, art, yoga, meditation, biofeedback, standard (or eclectic/blended style) psychotherapy, behavioral modification/lifestyle changes, and more may be incorporated into the treatment.  

Intensive Sessions and Retreats are Dr. Budd's favorite offerings.  She loves to work with patients for several hours in a row, several days a week for a truly transformational experience.  Patients progress much more quickly with this kind of focused, deep work.  retreat is intuitive in design and like shorter visits, it is carefully customized  according to each patient's needs.  Depth psychotherapy sessions, nature-based 
healing rituals, dietary guidance, energy work, yoga instruction, meditation instruction, dance therapy, art therapy, personalized herbal medicine programs, personalized flower essence remedies,sound healing, astrology, and body work are a few of the offerings.   Retreats happen in person, but intensive sessions can be done over the phone or internet.  

Assistance with housing/accommodation booking is possible for out-of-town patients.  Dr. Budd is also available for custom healing vacations with interested patients/couples/families at locations of your choice (ie, she will travel to you or with you if goals are aligned and the fit is perfect).  Depending on need and desire, a variety of additional services (massage, acupuncture, additional energy work, etc.) can be booked with gifted local providers for a truly incredible healing experience.  

Holistic Health Coaching is available to clients who may not quite need or want psychotherapy or medical care but who would still like to work with Dr. Budd in some capacity.  Coaching sessions are priced comparably (slightly below) to mixed-modality psychotherapy sessions as the time and work required is similar on her end, but they emphasize diet, nutrition, spiritual health, specific life goals, and general life satisfaction, rather than more complex psychological issues.  

Family Therapy is possible.  Dr. Budd enjoys helping couples create more happiness together.  She also loves working with parents and their children (age 8-10 and up).  She is not a child psychiatrist, however, and does not prescribe medications to children with psychiatric problems. But, depending on the case, she is often able to do some brief counseling and psychotherapy that can vastly improve family dynamics.

Classes are also possible.  Dr. Budd loves teaching mixed-modality healing arts classes.  She teaches community workshops, occasional college classes, and sporadic guest lectures in grade/high schools.  

Professional Mentoring/Teaching is available for therapists or graduate students interested in 1:1 didactic work following a semi-structured curriculum with Dr. Budd.   ​Please see her "mainland website" for more information.

​Dolphin-Assisted Therapy is an occasional, special-occurrence offering. When in Hawaii, Dr. Budd offers unique co-creative sessions of psychotherapy and healing work paired with wild dolphin swimming. These sessions occur on the Big Island, as that is the island where the dolphins are the most regular (predictable) in location. These sessions involve approximately 4 hours on a chartered boat or private sea kayak (with just Dr. Budd) followed by lunch/break and 2-4 hours of healing and psychotherapy work (including art, movement, body/energy work, sound healing, and talk therapy). Inquire directly if interested.  

Dolphin Swimming Retreats are intermittently possible in the Kona area and will incorporate art, music, dance, yoga, therapy or coaching (if needed/desired), body/energy work, dream work, and swimming sessions with wild dolphins off the Big Island coast. This is a special, personalized option for 1 person, a couple, a family, or a group.  Contact directly if you want to plan a life-changing dolphin-healing experience with Dr. Budd.

**The photographs and art shown above and throughout this site are credited to Dr. Budd (except the photo of Dr. Budd and the dolphin on the "Dolphins" page, which is credited to Sunlight on Water in Kona, HI). Please do not reproduce art or photos without permission. Mahalo! 

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